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DGC Into Wishin Barbera

      DOB: April 14, 2007      

Color: Brown Mackerel Torbie

Sire: RW SGC Orapax am Baerenbach

Dam: CH Epona Karina of Into Wishin

Breeder/Owner: Melissa Alexander, Into Wishin NFC

HCM Screening:  July 3, 2008; September 2, 2010; May 6, 2012; July 3, 2015 - Normal

GSD IV:  N/N (non-carrier)

PK Deficiency:  N/N (non-carrier)

Titles:  CFA Grand Champion, TICA Double Grand Champion



The story of Babs

Babs was born out of the beautiful Epona Karina and the strong and handsome Oropax am Baerenbach.  Babs was an adorable little kitten and I just knew that she would grow up to be a beautiful cat!  She proved me right as Babs has so many great NFC qualities!  An excellent profile, strong chin, well placed ears with nice width to the base and not too large, and wow, what super coat quality she has!   Babs is smaller than our other females but that has not prevented her from having some nice sized kittens. 

Babs is an amazing mother to her babies.  She never wants to leave them, even just for a minute!  Babsí kittens are all just beautiful with super sweet temperaments just like her.      

Babs will be spayed in May 2016.  We are thankful to have her son RW SGC Into Wishin Espresso and her daughter RW SGC Into Wishin Lilian Austin to carry on her lines. 



Babs - 10 weeks old


Babs - 1 year old



Babs - 4 years old


Babs - 6 years old


Babs - 7 years old


Babs - 8.5 years old


Father:  RW SGC Oropax am Baerenbach Mother:  CH Epona Karina


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