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RW SGC Into Wishin Rio Samba

      DOB: March 15, 2012      

Color: Red Classic Tabby with White

Sire: SC, DVM, JW  Love & Peace Blue Tanis

Dam: RW SGC OD Hanne av Boxerhaven

Breeder: Melissa Alexander, Into Wishin NFC

Owner:  Melissa Alexander

HCM Screening: May 2, 2013 ~ January 16, 2015 ~ November 28, 2016  - Normal

GSD IV:  N/N (based on N/N tested parents)

PK Deficiency:  N/N (non-carrier)

Titles:  TICA Supreme Grand Champion and Northeast Regional Winner



The story of Rio

We anticipated that Hanne's next litter was most likely going to be her last therefore we wanted to plan something very special for this breeding.   Our fiend Nelly of Blue Tanis has such lovely typed cats with temperaments that I am used to and expect of the breed so we talked and agreed this would be a good plan.  Nelly suggested Love & Peace because he is strong in his appearance and tends to make nice kittens.  I had met Love on many different occasions so I was able to see him at various stages of his development.  He is the grandfather of my Planet Funk so that alone should be enough!

Hanne was carried over to to Switzerland to meet her white knight in November 2010.   She thought it was a vacation because she was happy to just reside in the beautiful town of Maggia and take in the landscape of the Alps that surrounded her.   That is pretty much all she did other than trick us into thinking she was pregnant as when I went to retrieve her in April of 2011, there were no kittens in her belly, just Italian food. :)   At this point we agreed that I should bring Hanne and Love back to the US and we'll keep trying here.  Finally almost 2 years later in March of 2012, we had two babies born!  Throughout Hanne's pregnancy I had dreams of a white female being born, or any female for that matter, and of course we got two males!  Hanne had a hard time with this delivery due to the size of the kittens and had an emergency c-section.   We decided to spay Hanne at that point so this was it, no more Hanne babies. :(

Hanne is such an important cat to us.   She always gave us beautiful, outgoing, strong cats.   The thought of her not being a part of our breeding program was a bit sad...... In spite of the fact we only have one female for Rio at this point, we decided he must stay.   Maybe we will have to revamp our entire breeding program to bring in females for him or maybe we will only have one litter from him.   I have no idea at this point.   All I know is that Rio is staying, end of story!

Nelly, I cannot thank you enough for entrusting me with Love for so long.   You are a wonderful friend.


Rio - newborn

Rio - 2 weeks

Rio - 1 month

Rio - 4 months

Rio - 5 months 

Rio - 6 months 

biscuit maker :)


Rio - 8 months 

Rio's dad SC, DVM, JW  Love & Peace Blue Tanis

Screened HCM Normal, May 6, 2012

When I first met Love in Italy. :)  2005


Love in full coat - so beautiful!



Love when he first came to the US at age 8 years old.   He still looks like a kitten! :)   He is wonderful!


Love & Peace Blue Tanis at almost 10 years old!  January 2013.  Thanks to S*Wonderlands for the photos


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