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In Memory of RW SGC OD Hanne av Boxerhaven (N)
September 5, 2003 ~ December 30, 2016


In September of 2003, Boxerhaven’s “H” litter was born. I *begged* Cecilie to please let me book Hanne as the minute I saw her photo it was love at first sight! I had always admired Diadem av Boxerhaven (AKA Pretzel) who was living in the Netherlands and Hanne looked just like her and had the same parents. Cecilie was thinking of keeping Hanne for herself and I continued to beg…please…please let me have her! We agreed to meet in Sweden and there I could meet Hanne. 13 years ago on New Years weekend, we flew to Sweden to meet Cecilie Stromstad at a show in Sollentuna. Cecilie came by train from Oslo with 3 Boxerhaven kittens for me to see (still trying to sway me away from Hanne, I think!) I’ll never forget seeing Cecilie hauling this huge carrier of cats from the train and George rushing to help her. If you’ve ever seen Boxerhaven kittens, especially “Trollet” babies, you can just imagine how heavy 3 of them in a carrier would be! 
 As soon as I saw sweet Hanne, I fell in love all over again. She was just great! Her temperament was amazing and she just showed so much love to everyone she met. She was such a happy kitten! The show weekend was lots of fun; Hanne did very well getting NOM and BIV but most of all, she was just so happy and loved being held. 
 One of the other kittens, Giselle, did very well at the show that weekend. She was BIS both days. Cecilie asked, are you sure you don’t want Giselle? I said nope, I want Hanne! 
 So then it was finalized, Hanne was our new kitten and I was *so happy*!

Today we said goodbye to our beautiful, sweet Hanne, the matriarch of our cattery. Her cancer had metastasized to her lungs and she went downhill very fast. It broke my heart to say our final goodbyes but sadly, it was time.

As I write this and look around the house, I’m reminded of Hanne by her offspring; daughters Lady & Inge, sons Rio & Haakon, and grand-daughter Lily. Although Hanne has left us, we will constantly be reminded of her thanks to these wonderful cats.

RIP “Nonnie”. I love you and will miss you terribly.


In Memory of RW SGCA Felicia av Boxerhaven (N)
July 29, 2002 ~ November 14, 2011


It is now spring in 2012, and I find myself thinking of Felicia more and more.   I was hoping it would be easier to write as time passed, but it is not.  Spring and summer were Felicia's favorite seasons.   As soon as the weather was nice enough for windows to be open, Felicia would start plotting her escape to bust out and roll in the grass.   I should have known I was in for trouble as during our plane trip from Oslo to Boston when she was only 4 months old, Felicia managed to unzip her carrier and get out.  I had stepped away for a moment and as I approached my chair, there she was sitting on the arm of the chair just looking around...and people who were half asleep wondering, where did this cat come from??   That was in November of 2002.  

In fall of 2011 after returning home from a business trip, I picked up Felicia and could tell instantly that she had lost all of her muscle tone.   I noticed she was sleeping a lot, too.   After a few vet visits and lots of tests, Felicia was diagnosed with lymphoma.   We tried some different treatments but had no luck.  The last resort was surgery and chemotherapy and I decided that it was time to say goodbye to our wonderful girl.   To put her through all of that was something I just could not do.  It pained me to see this girl who was so full of spunk all the time to now be down and out.   One week after losing Max, Felicia left us as well.  

Felicia was our very first imported Norwegian Forest Cat, the reason for my first trip to Europe, and responsible for making me fall in love with this great breed.   I have so many wonderful memories of her that I will never forget.  I love and miss you so much "Fizzy". 


In Memory of Max 
September 30, 2000 ~ November 6, 2011


Every time I see this picture, the first thing I say is "Oh "doggie"..I miss you so much."...and then some tears...   Max was THE best dog.   He loved everyone and was a legend in our neighborhood.   When people heard that Max had died, so many cried.  He was so special.

Max was our first family dog.  I grew up with Labrador Retrievers and George grew up with German Shepard Dogs.  Since the wife always wins, we got Max.  George formed a bond with Max that was stronger than words can describe.   Max was George's buddy, always by his side from the time he was a baby pup until the day we had to say goodbye.  

In fall of 2011, Max became sick very quickly and we learned that he had a tumor in his heart.   Poor Max, the dog who loved so much had such pain in his heart.   Losing Max just ripped us all apart.   He was such a good dog.  

When we got Max, we were not very smart about doing our homework and checking out breeders so as a result, we ended up with a lovely dog, but his start was in one of the largest puppy mills in the US.   I was so angry when I realized this but also glad that Max had a long life with us and was loved so much.    The puppy mill has since been shut down but I encourage anyone who reads this to please take your time when searching for a pet and get to know the breeder.  Ask questions, lots of them.   Good breeders will be happy to spend as much time with you as needed.  


In Memory of RW SGC Händel av Boxerhaven (N)
Sept 5, 2003 ~ May 31, 2007


We lost our beloved Händel much too early to melamine toxicity (the pet food poisoning crisis in the US - 2007).  No words can completely express how much we miss him and how tragic this loss was for us.  The tears just keep coming.  Händel was in my eyes, the perfect NFC.  I seem to really 'click' with my Boxerhaven cats..it's that special something they have...they just grab hold of your heart and don't let go.  They are such interesting and intelligent cats. 

Händel was so beautiful and his temperament was just outstanding.  He gave us wonderful kittens that bring joy to so many people today and I am so thankful for that.  He was a cat like no other and he has left some very big 'paws' to fill.  We will never forget this great cat. 

Händel screened "HCM normal" multiple times prior to his death. 






In Memory of RW SGC Storybookat Baloo of Into Wishin
Feb 25, 2001 ~ Nov 17, 2006


For nearly 3 weeks our vet and cardiologist tried so hard to help Baloo with his bladder and kidney issues but sadly due to his weakened heart, he could not overcome this illness.   On Nov 17 we made the decision to let him go. 

What a sad day it was for us - having to say goodbye to this beautiful boy - our very first Norwegian Forest Cat. 

We will never forget this lovely cat and his beautiful big green eyes.  We miss him so much.




We lost you to a terrible disease however it is because of you that we still fight so hard to find some answers and DNA testing for the breed we hold so close to our hearts.  Love and miss you.

Baloo's Story





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