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     DOB: June 8, 2007

     Color: White

     Sire: IC I*Lux Felina Maxenthius  

     Dam: WW05 JW GIC Nirvana Blue Tanis

     Breeder: Nelly Bozzoli, Blue Tanis, Switzerland

     Screened HCM Normal June 22, 2008

     Titles: TICA's highest scoring award: Lifetime Achievement (LA)

     International Winner (IW) and two time Northeast Regional Winner (RW)  

Supreme Grand Champion (SGC)

     TICA's International Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten 2007-2008

     TICA's International Best of Breed Norwegian Forest Cat 2008-2009

CFA Champion

     See Show Page for a complete list of Planet Funk's accomplishments





The story of LA RW SGC Planet Funk Blue Tanis

Planet Funk came to us at a time when we were so sad over the losing our wonderful male Handel.  He is what we needed and he brings a smile to our faces everyday!  This guy is so funny and he has the best temperament!  We have enjoyed showing him as a kitten and now as an adult.  He is an excellent example of the breed with so many great qualities.   Kudos to Nelly for breeding such a gorgeous cat that is so sweet!!

February 2010: Planet Funk has been neutered and is now free to roam the house with the females and spays.  He is loving life as a neuter and makes us laugh every day with his funny ways!  I just love this boy so I am thrilled that I can now enjoy his company every day!


Planet Funk - "Baby" Pictures - Love him!


Planet Funk as a kitten

(click to enlarge)


BIS Kitten -  Quebec Feline Club Montreal, QC



Resting in his hammock at a show


Planet Funk - 9 months old

(click to enlarge)

  Planet Funk - 1.5 years old  



Planet Funk - 3 years old


Planet Funk - 4 years old


Planet Funk - 6 years old


Planet Funk - 9 years old

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