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Scandinavian Winners Show Photos

Oslo, Norway - November 2002

(click on picture to enlarge)


EC Charles Austin av Boxerhaven (Trollet)

Father of Hanne & Händel


Cecilie (av Boxerhaven) & Trollet




CH S*Drakborgens Kira Vira Snöyra

The judge kisses Kira ;-)


Dr. Jackson av Boxerhaven at age 8 months


Dr. Jackson


Kira & Trollet / sire & dam of Dr. Jackson


EC S*Lisjoskogen's Bishop being judged


Bishop with his owner Kerstin Skogman


George holding Bishop


GIC S*Lisjoskogen's Campsie with owner Kicki Johansson


Campsie being Judged


S*Aristo Limaz Quanah Parker - what a girl! ;-)))


Quanah again (age 5 months)


PR (N) Fiskerjenta's Franz Josef


Franz Josef with his owner Ellen Rönning 


GIC (IND) S*Aliosha's Gerdur Simpandottir

with her owner Maren of (N) Lotte Menotte


The Swedes show their spirit - they want the most wins at the SWS '02!

A lone Norwegian flag did manage to sneak into the photo! ;-))


Pre-show entertainment on Day 2


EC SW01 S*Tassajara's Herkalion


 S*Aristo Limaz Shiva Shandra


EC SW00 (N) Honey Hill's Topscore  -  Maine Coon




Congratulations to Shiva's owner Helle Allard and breeder Ingrid Leiswall on her SWS win!!!!!!!!!

SW02 S*Aristo Limaz Shiva Shandra


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